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How does a medium-sized company put engagement at the heart of its transformation?

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A 15% increase in engagement can lead to a 2% increase in margins.

With this in mind, Latécoère launched a vast engagement project in order to rapidly transform the company and accelerate its economic growth.

The first engagement project launched at an international level, taking into account the complexity of the organisation and the specificities of the employees in the factories... There were numerous challenges to face to ensure the success of this project !

To delve deeper into the project, join us during our webinar : “How does Latécoère put engagement at the heart of its transformation ?” with Martial Vaidie, Talent Development and Training at Latécoère and Eleanor Francis, Customer Success Manager et ZestMeUp.

✅Challenge 1 : launch a large-scale project simultaneously in 14 countries

✅Challenge 2 : address 5000 employees, 45% of whom are in the field

✅Challenge 3 : obtain quick results

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    Martial Vaidie Talent Development & Training @ Latécoère

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