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Achieving Optimal Hand Eye Calibration for Enhanced Robotics Performance

About this event

Achieving Optimal Hand-Eye Calibration for Enhanced Robotics Performance

using RoboDK

Zivid cameras are high-quality pieces of measurement instrumentation, but no matter how perfect and true to life the point clouds are, they are extremely difficult to use without a definition of the relationship between the robot and the camera.

In this webinar, we will show you how to achieve optimal hand-eye calibration using our software of choice, RoboDK, and Zivid's calibration tools. At the end of our tutorial, Software Development Lead, Samuel Bertrand, from RoboDK, will join us for an in-depth Q&A.


  • What is hand-eye calibration?
  • Zivid's hand-eye calibration method
  • Verify the quality of your calibration
  • In-field correction tool
  • Roundtable with Samuel from RoboDK
  • Audience Q&A

Get a 6-month RoboDK license:

RoboDK will give out 3 6-month licenses at the end of the webinar.

  • Register for the webinar
  • Attend the webinar until the end
  • We will pick during the Q&A 3 random attendees to give out the free licenses

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  • Guest speaker
    Amy Landau Product Marketing Engineer @ Zivid

    With a Master's Degree in Electronics System Design and expertise in robotics, Amy has been a Field Application Engineer at Zivid for a few years before becoming a Product Marketing Engineer.

  • Guest speaker
    Samuel Bertrand Software Development Lead @ RoboDK

    Passionate about using cutting-edge technology to drive innovation and improve efficiency in the manufacturing and robotics industries, Samuel is the Software Development Lead at RoboDK.


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