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Making bin picking possible for anyone – with 3D vision

About this event

Making bin picking possible for anyone – with 3D vision

LH Robotics.Vision and Zivid 3D cameras - a good fit

In this customer application webinar, Liebherr will present their LHRobotics.Vision bin-picking and pick-and-place system solution. LHRobotics.Vision is a sophisticated, highly reliable and modular bin-picking system married with ease-of-use.
We will look at the origins and development, the challenges it addresses and the unique aspects of this solution from industry giant Liebherr. Zivid 3D cameras are the preferred machine vision component for this product and Liebherr will expand on why Zivid is the recommended option.’
The webinar will last approximately 20 mins and is followed by a 10 minute Q&A with Agnes Schauppell, Product Manager, LH Robotics.Vision and Oyvind Theie, VP Product, Zivid.
Attendees can submit questions and these questions will be answered by the panelists at the end of the webinar.

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  • Guest speaker
    Agnes Schauppel Product Manager @ Liebherr Gear and Automation Technology Systems

    Agnes is a product manager with Liebherr Gear and Automation Technology Systems. Agnes served an engineering apprenticeship and holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the Kempten University of Applied Sciences in Bavaria, Germany.

  • Guest speaker
    Øyvind Theie VP Product @ Zivid

    Øyvind is the VP of Product at Zivid. He drives the product vision and execution for our exceptional 3D color cameras. Outside of work Øyvind's loves anything that is a serious challenge and can usually be found climbing something.


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