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Mastering Robotic Bin-Picking with Zivid 2+ 3D Vision

About this event

Zivid Developer Series: Mastering Robotic Bin-Picking with Zivid 2+ 3D Vision

This developer-focused webinar is a tutorial suitable for robotics, machine vision engineers, and robotics system integrators.

We will look at the various challenges presented by bin-picking and machine tending in manufacturing. We will then show you how to select the best 3D camera for the task and optimize for the best results in your picking cell.

Topics covered:

  • Bin-picking challenges
  • Application requirements
  • Selecting the right 3D camera
  • Camera positioning and mounting
  • Optimizing with settings
  • Optimizing robot cycle times
  • Production preparation
  • Maintenance
  • Audience Q&A

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Marie Bodet Marketing Manager @ Zivid

  • Guest speaker
    Amy Landau Product Marketing Engineer @ Zivid

    With a Master's Degree in Electronics System Design and expertise in robotics, Amy has been a Field Application Engineer at Zivid for a few years before becoming a Product Marketing Engineer.


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