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Catalyzing Green Chemistry: How enzymes can help us synthesize sustainable high-value chemicals

About this event

Modern chemistry has drastically improved our quality of life by yielding high-value chemicals: life-saving drugs, improved materials, and many other technologies.

However, these advances have brought with them a high environmental cost; a cost the planet can no longer afford.

During the past two decades, we have witnessed a growing need to modernize the chemical industry, shifting traditional processes towards greener and more efficient alternatives. As a result, we’ve experienced an increasing demand for industrial enzymes, which have proved to be a smart alternative to conventional chemical methods due to their high efficiency and sustainable nature.

But despite their enormous potential, most desired enzymatic activities are currently unavailable or not optimal to fulfill current industrial needs.

How can we overcome these hurdles and optimize enzymes so the application of sustainable, green chemistry processes becomes not only preferable, but also the smartest choice?

Join Marina Cañellas, Technical Scientific Manager at ZYMVOL, as she discusses:

  • The use of enzyme discovery and engineering techniques - and in particular, computational tools - to overcome the main challenges encountered when using biocatalysts in an industrial context.
  • How enzyme catalysis can be advantageous in chemical processes and which industries can further exploit it for improved outcomes.
  • Case studies that have led to the improvement of reactions of high interest for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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    Marina Canellas

    Marina is an expert in enzyme design with particular emphasis to polymer degradation/production


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