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How to democratize data access to drive productivity for high performing teams

About this event

In this webinar, we will explore the critical importance of democratizing data access within organizations to boost productivity and foster high-performing teams. We will discuss strategies, best practices, and tools to empower team members with data-driven insights, allowing them to make informed decisions and optimize their performance.

The following will be discussed:

  • Structuring data: spreadsheets versus database
  • Managing data access by role
  • Single source of truth: real time data collaboration
  • Beyond GDPR and SOC-2 compliance: Cloud versus Self Hosted
  • Real life case studies

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Hosted by

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    Hiram Nunez Product Marketing Manager @ Baserow

    Open sourcing @Baserow

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    Olivier Maes Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer @ Baserow


The open platform to create scalable databases and applications without code

Baserow is an open source no-code database platform that helps businesses manage data. Use it to create custom database applications without any coding skills, and supports real-time collaboration, workflow automation, and streamlined data management.