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Product Innovation Webinar: Boardable Meetings

About this event

Simplified Meetings, Enhanced Impact

Join us for an exclusive webinar showcasing Boardable Meetings, designed to streamline and improve the experience for both admins and board members in meeting preparation, execution, and follow-up.

Key Highlights:

  • Simple Creation: Effortlessly create and organize meetings.
  • Streamlined Collaboration: Seamlessly collaborate before, during, and after meetings.
  • Enhanced User Experience: An intuitive platform that meets board members and admins where they are.
  • Easy Access: Access key meeting details even when logged out for added convenience.

Learn how these features add value, ensuring a more connected and efficient meeting process. Whether you're an Admin juggling multiple tasks or a Board Member balancing commitments, our new meeting experience is designed with you in mind. Register now and boost your board's productivity and impact by embracing this new workflow!

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    David Santiago Product Owner @ Boardable

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    Jenni Burton Director of Product Marketing

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    Cody Bender Chief Product Officer @ Boardable

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