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Summer 2024 Boardable Innovation Webinar: Explore Boardable Video

About this event

Join us for our upcoming Innovation Webinar to explore Boardable Video and other updates!

Whether you are a Spotlight user today or curious; here are a few reasons we think you'll love Boardable Video & learning about it.

  • One Stop Shop: Combines video conferencing with essential board management tools in a seamless platform.
  • Fully Integrated Experience: Features AI-driven meeting summarization, mobile navigation, and comprehensive board management.
  • Feature-Rich and Accessible: Provides stable, intuitive tools for virtual and hybrid meetings.
  • Tailored for Nonprofits: Specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of nonprofit boards.

In addition, we'll review a few other recently released features and resources to wrap up the webinar!

  • Custom Data Collection: Better understand your board’s needs.
  • Mobile App Adoption: Boost productivity with mobile features.
  • Board Member Adoption Tips: Increase board member engagement.

We’re excited to see you there!

Hosted by

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    Jenni Burton Director of Product Marketing

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    Cody Bender Chief Product Officer @ Boardable

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