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Cost-effective steel frame design by integrating semi-rigid connections in global analysis

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In this webinar, we will explain how to economize your steel frame structure by using the real connection stiffness of joints. Almost all rigid considered connections are in reality semi-rigid connections. Their rigidity is vastly overestimated. Semi-rigid joints have many recognized advantages, although they are rarely employed in actual constructions. Mostly because the right design tools and modelling options are lacking.

The webinar introduces an easy design approach for working with semi-rigid joints. Diamonds can handle semi-rigid joint by introduction of the rigidity diagram. This diagram is automatically inserted when calculating standard connections with PowerConnect and return with strength and stiffness parameters. For more complex connection, to be calculation with for example Idea Statica Connection, the parametric connection definition can be used to take the real stiffness into account.

The proposed solution allows to optimize not only the size of the structural profiles, but also the joint design, leading to an overall more economical design. We go over both standard connections, as described in Eurocode 3 part 8 as more complex connections. Thanks to interoperability tools such as BIM Expert, transferring data from one software to another is a piece of cake.

Contents of the webinar:

  • Differences rigid connections vs pinned connection vs semi-rigid connections
  • Autodesk Revit® > Diamonds : Synchronizing a complete 3D Steel Frame Revit® model with Diamonds, using BIM Expert
  • Standard Design and integration of semi-rigid connections using PowerConnect
  • Design of semi-rigid connections with Idea Connection Statica, using BIM Expert link
  • Integration of semi-rigid connections in Diamonds with parametric connection options

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