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Launch of TimBoost app - design of glued-in rods connections in timber structures

About this event

See a live demo of the TimBoost app! This online app designs glued-in rods connections (GIR) for timber structures.

The design rules used in this software will be based on theoretical, experimental and numerical research, as well as an extensive literature study. Using the software, the resistance of a GIR connection can be determined for the different possible failure modes. It will be easy to quickly check how the connection resistance is modified by changing the connection geometry, member properties, rod geometry and arrangement, as well as the adhesive properties.

The TimBoost project is supported by Eurostars, which is powered by EUREKA and the European Community. Nationally, it is supported by VLAIO and Vinnova.

You can start using the app immediately after this webinar.

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    Delphine Sonck R&D Engineer @ BuildSoft


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