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LoRa Basics Modem (LBM). New LoRaWAN stack by SEMTECH, easy to use, more features available

About this event

Fabien Holin, LoRaWAN stack Semtech's specialist, will explain in detail SEMTECH's strategy to support the development of "LoRaWAN devices".

SEMTECH now relies on LoRa Basics Modem which greatly facilitates the development of LoRaWAN devices, while bringing all the latest features announced by the LoRa ALLIANCE.

You will see how easy the implementation can be and Fabien will introduce the new features you will have natively access with this new stack.

A revolution is underway, you should be part of it๐Ÿ‘

Speaker: Fabien Holin

Semtech ย principal development software engineer

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