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Two new TDD anti-patterns: the jumper and the flash

About this event

In this talk we are going to introduce two new TDD anti-patterns that came in our experience practicing TDD in different projects: The jumper and The flash. This is the last episode in the testing anti-patterns series.

This is the last one in the testing anti-patterns series, but do not worry if you have not been able to attend the previous ones. They are separate episodes. :)

This talk is going to be in English (Q&A can be in Spanish or English)

Videos on demand last episodes:

Episode 1: The liar, Excessive setup, The Slow Poke.

Episode 2: The mockery, The inspector, Generous leftovers and The local hero.

Episode 3: The nitpicker, The secret catcher, The dodger and The Loudmouth.

Episode 4: The greedy catcher, The sequencer, Hidden dependency and The enumerator.

By Matheus Marabesi: Software craftsperson at Codurance Spain

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    Matheus Marabesi

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