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ITSNT 2022

About this event

CNES PDS COMET ( and ENAC ( invite you to the ITSNT 2022.

This June 2022 edition will be a virtual edition with a 1-day technical session 28 June 2022, and a 1/2-day session providing information on GNSS programs status on 29 June 2022 morning.

The event is organised in three half-day sessions.

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Hosted by

  • Team member
    JV T
    Jeremy Vezinet Ingénieur de recherche @ ENAC

  • Team member
    PT T
    Paul Thevenon ENAC

  • Guest speaker
    JM G
    Jean Marechal

  • Guest speaker
    AV G
    Anne-Laure Vogel

  • Guest speaker
    JP G
    Jean-Francois Pouilly Syrlinks

  • Guest speaker
    PE G
    Philippe Estival

  • Team member
    CP T
    Comet Pnt COMET PNT

    COMET PNT Coodinator

  • Guest speaker
    DP G
    David Porchet

  • Guest speaker
    SP G
    Sylvain Pongi

  • Guest speaker
    FM G
    François-Xavier Marmet

  • Team member
    CM T
    Christophe Macabiau

  • Guest speaker
    EG G
    Eric Guyader

  • Guest speaker
    FM G
    Francois-Xavier Marmet CNES

  • Team member
    MA T
    Marion Aubault CNES


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