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Advancing CCUS Deployment: Project Drivers, Developments and Implementation Solutions

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With global and national policymakers identifying Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) as a critical technology in the global commitment to reach net-zero emissions, this timely webinar will explore how 2024 is a decisive year for the CCUS industry and provide insights and solutions for the effective delivery of carbon capture and storage projects to enable decarbonisation.  

This online panel discussion will explore how the CCUS industry is progressing and provide first-hand insights from specific projects to better understand the sector's challenges and opportunities and enable project implementation success.  

  • Outlining national and international CCUS policy and market developments
  • Where is the majority of carbon capture currently being achieved and how will this progress over time? 
  • Evaluating what further clarity and support is needed to increase confidence in CCUS development: 
  • what can be done to further incentivise the technology and infrastructure development required to successfully implement these projects? 
  • Identifying the key constraints to achieving CCUS targets and exploring solutions to overcome them:
  • addressing costs and supply chain challenges for the advancement of the sector
  • recognising the role of CCUS technologies and the challenges to their integration
  • Examining new facilities and regional hub developments to enable CCUS projects
  • Building effective partnerships and collaborations for project success

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