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Automate reconciliation with QuickBooks and Extend

About this event

Closing the books can be a grueling task every month. Businesses—of all sizes and industries—often face challenges, like lost time and inaccurate reporting.

But Extend is here to smooth the process and help you save time and money.

In this 45-minute webinar, Mike Varney (VP, Finance & Ops) and Melissa Diano (Product Lead) share in-house expertise on tackling reconciliation with confidence. Discover how teams can save hours, if not days, reconciling card transactions and capturing receipts with Extend’s turnkey QuickBooks Online integration.

Our experts will demonstrate everything you need to know about the integration:

  • Initial setup and implementation best practices
  • How to tag cards and transactions for proactive reconciliation
  • Syncing Extend transaction data and receipts to your general ledger
  • How to manually upload Extend data to QuickBooks (Online or Desktop versions) as an alternative method

Hosted by

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    Melissa Diano Product Lead @ Extend Enterprisses

  • Team member
    Mike Varney VP, Finance and Operations @ Extend Enterprises


Extend turns your business credit card into a spend management platform, so you can achieve more with what’s yours.