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Empowering citizens’ health and the ecosystem with open technology

About this event

Empowering citizens’ health and the ecosystem with open technology

Wednesday March 24th, 2021 - 2pm GMT/ 3pm CET / 10am EDT

Duration: 30 minutes


Where would we be without cloud services? Cloud services are platforms that provide access to computing capabilities, databases and services all in one place. Genomics has benefited greatly from the use of the cloud in recent years.

Hema Purohit, (Director of Government & Public Sector, Google Cloud) and Andrew Miles, (Head of EMEA, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Google Cloud) discuss the future of genomics, how Google Cloud can impact on patient care and how Google is working to improve health outcomes across the world and empower citizens' health.

What you will take away from this webinar

  • How the cloud can lead to universal access to healthcare
  • How the cloud can facilitate patient-centred outcomes
  • Reimagining the clinical pathways
  • How cloud services can be used to accelerate drug discovery

This webinar has been made possible with the kind support of our partner, Google Cloud.

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