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Microbiome Sequencing ONLINE: Integration of multi-omic technologies driving microbiome research

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For a long time, we have known that we live in a microbe’s world. However, we are only just piecing together the importance of how interactions with our innate microbiomes influence our health.

Join us for this unique 3-part series, where we explore how metagenomics and microbiome sequencing is uncovering the hidden traits of the invisible world.

Webinar 1: Integration of multi-omic technologies driving microbiome research.

11th February - 3pm GMT / 4pm CET/ 10am EST

Studying the interactions between microbes and hosts have been enabled by a multitude of technologies to study the complex interactions between microbiome-host multi-omics.

This webinar will focus on the technologies that are driving microbiome research and how they can be successfully integrated for studies.

The intersection between the microbiome and its host via metabolomics – Elliot Friedman, Director for Data Integration, Penn Center for Nutritional Science & Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Multi-omic exploration of complex phenotypes in pediatric autism spectrum disorder – Ruth Ann Luna, Director of Medical Metagenomics, Baylor College of Medicine

Investigating extra-intestinal manifestation of Crohn's disease via host and microbiome sequencing – Connie Ha, Postdoctoral Scientist, Cedars-Sinai

Harnessing the Power of Metabolomics to Elucidate Microbiome Function - Brian Keppler, Director, Discovery and Translational Sciences, Metabolon

Webinar 2: The role of the microbiome in health and disease

18th February - 3pm GMT / 4pm CET/ 10am EST

The microbiome is known to play a role in various human diseases. This webinar will focus on research to improve our understanding of the role the microbiome plays, and what this might mean for future therapeutic intervention.

Assessing health using gut microbiome profiling - Jaeyun Sung, Assistant Professor, Microbiome Program, Center for Individualized Medicine, Mayo Clinic

Bugging the gut: engineering bacteria to eavesdrop - David Riglar, Principal Investigator, Imperial College London

More speakers to be announced shortly.

Webinar 3: Host-Microbiome research

25th February - 3pm GMT / 4pm CET/ 10am EST

Interactions between the host-microbiome are thought to influence a range of disease areas: from cancer to neurobiological disorders. This webinar will highlight a few recent studies that search for host-microbiome interactions that may be targetable.

High-Throughput inference of drug exposure effect on intestinal microbiota in vivo - Antonio Gomes, Computational Biologist, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Using genomics to predict metabolic exchange between microbiota and human cells in colon cancer - Beth Adamowicz, Postdoctoral Associate, Blekhman lab, University of Minnesota

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