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Microbiome sequencing ONLINE - Webinar 2: Host-microbiome interactions

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Research has shown that often the microbiome is perturbed in human disease states. Advances in sequencing technologies have enabled researchers to gain a deep molecular understanding of changes in both host and microbial cells, and we are beginning to piece together the complex relationship we have with our microbiomes.

Join us for Microbiome Sequencing ONLINE, as we showcase research that is uncovering the role the microbiome plays in disease and therapeutic opportunities.

**Please note: By registering to one webinar in the series you will automatically gain access to the subsequent webinars in the series**

Webinar 2: Host-microbiome interactions

Wednesday 15th September at 3pm BST/ 4pm CEST/ 10am EDT

Due to speaker sickness, we have had a change of schedule. We will be sharing recordings of two of the most exciting projects shared at our previous Microbiome ONLINE series and at The Festival of Genomics & BioData:

Investigating extra-intestinal manifestation of Crohn's disease via host and microbiome sequencing – Connie Ha, Director of Microbial Genomics CoLab,The Benioff Center for Microbiome Medicine, University of California San Francisco

The Microbiome of Idiopathic Neurodegenerative Diseases (MIND) - J. Christopher Ellis, Senior Staff Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Other webinars in the series:

Webinar 1: Understanding the role of microbiome perturbations.

Now available on demand

With changes to the microbiome being associated with different diseases and states, understanding the relationship between the microbiome in health and disease remains a challenge. Luckily, many technologies remain in the toolbox to understand this complex relationship.

This webinar will focus on found associations between microbiome perturbations and complex phenotypes and describe how these studies are improving our understanding of these relationships.

In Vitro Models of the Human Small Intestinal & Colonic Microbiota: Compositional and Functional Analysis – Elliot Friedman, Director of Data Integration, Penn Center for Nutritional Science & Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Charting the unknown universe of the human gut microbiome and its relevance to health and disease– Alexandre Almeida, ESPOD fellow, EMBL-EBI

Webinar 3: The microbiome and intestinal health

Wednesday 22nd September at 3pm BST/ 4pm CEST/ 10am EDT

Changes in the intestinal microbiome is associated with a variety of intestinal health issues. This webinar will focus on research that defines healthy and unhealthy microbiome states and what this means for future therapeutics.

Shared and disease-specific host gene-microbiome interactions across human diseases – Sambhawa Priya, PhD Student, Blekhman lab, University of Minnesota.

The microbiome of inflammatory bowel disease – Marcus Claesson, Lecturer, University College Cork

This series has kindly been supported by Novogene.

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