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Multi-Omics ONLINE. Webinar 1: Data Integration and interpretation

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We are seeing an increased interest in the examination of multiple omics layers, to paint in-depth molecular pictures that can give insights into the way our “-omes” interact in diseases. However, this comes with a unique set of data challenges including the requirement for thoughtful study design, data integration, analytics, and interpretation.

Join us for this unique 3-part webinar series, where we bring together global experts who are making use of diverse data sets to advance our understanding of human health and disease.

** Each webinar is one hour long and takes place at 3pm GMT/ 4pm CET/ 10am ET

Please note: By registering to this webinar in the series, you automatically get access to the subsequent webinars through an email access link from Livestorm.

Webinar 1: Data Integration and interpretation

14th January, 3pm GMT/ 4pm CET / 10am ET

There are a range of different approaches for the integrative analysis of multi-omics data. This webinar focuses on the applications of these statistical methods with case study snapshots from global researchers.

Dissecting cancer signaling networks using multi-omic approaches - Rob Ewing, Professor, University of Southampton

Single-cell multi-omics integration with MOFA: the 10x Multiome Kit as a case example - Ricard Argelaguet, Post-doc, Babraham Institute

Webinar 2: Multi-omics in biomedical research and precision medicine

21st January, 3pm GMT/ 4pm CET / 10am ET

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The analysis of multiple omics layers enables researchers to discover new biomarkers of interest for various diseases and allows us to start piecing together how these omics layers interact with each other. This webinar will focus on recent advances made in various disease areas by analysing multiple omics layers.

Integration of Online Omics-Data Resources for Cancer Research – Geoffroy Andrieux, Senior Postdoctoral researcher, DKFZ German Cancer Research Center

How networks can help interpret multi-omics data and guide precision medicine - Tamas Korcsmaros, Group Leader, Earlham Institute

Graph-based Computable Biomedical Knowledge to Interpret Multi-omics Data - Alberto Delgado, Group Lead Multi-omics Analytics, Big Data Institute

Uncovering lineage potential in neural stem cells integrating single cell multiomics - Enric Llorens, Postdoc, Frisén Lab, Karolinska Institutet

Webinar 3: Multi-omics for drug discovery

28th January, 3pm GMT/ 4pm CET / 10am ET

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This webinar will focus on the individual challenges associated with specific omics layers including genomics, proteomics, epigenomics or proteomics.

Extracting mechanisms from multi-omics for precision medicine - Julio Saez, Director of Institute of Computational Biology, University of Heidelberg

Beyond the target-based approach, a new omics-based approach to discover new therapeutics- Bin Chen, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

Reaching new levels of biological insight with single cell and spatial multiomics - Stephen Hague, Senior Science and Technology Advisor, 10x Genomics

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