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Omics in Drug Discovery ONLINE - Webinar 1: Utilising omics datasets for drug target ID and validation

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With drugs developed based on genomics being more likely to be successful, drug hunters are increasingly utilising genomics and other molecular technologies to find the best possible drug targets to guide their pipeline.

However, the application of genomics in drug discovery is changing. Technological advances are enabling deeper phenotypic data to be collected, and the management and interpretation of these large datasets remains challenging, often requiring specialised bioinformatic approaches.

Join us for Omics in Drug Discovery ONLINE, as we delve into how molecular data is influencing drug target ID, and how drug hunters are approaching drug discovery in the era of big data.

Webinar 1: Utilising omics datasets for drug target ID and validation

4th November 2021, 3pm GMT/ 4pm CET/ 11am EDT

Since it was shown that drugs associated with a genetic variant doubles the chances of success in clinical development, pharma companies have been heavily investing in genomic technologies.

This webinar will cover how genetics and genomics is influencing drug discovery and development in tandem with other datasets.


Human genetics and multi-omics approach to identification and validation of novel therapeutic targets – Morten Sogaard, VP, Target Sciences, Pfizer

Designing for success – multi-omics experiments to support drug discovery – Natalie van Zuydam, Senior Statistician in Data science and Quantitative biology, AstraZeneca

Chronic disease through the lens of aging: target discovery using multi-omic profiling of longitudinal healthy aging cohorts - Eric Morgen, Co-founder and COO, and Naisha Shah, Director of Data Science, Bioage Labs

Webinar 2: Multi-omics approaches to drug discovery

11th November 2021, 3pm GMT/ 4pm CET/ 10am EST

This webinar will focus on the improving ability to collect and leverage deep phenotypic data within the drug discovery process, and address the challenges associated with analysing, integrating and interpreting that data.


Accelerating genetics-guided drug discovery by integrating population-scale proteomics – Christopher Whelan, Associate Director and Head of Translational Genetics, Biogen

Unfolding new disease biology, targets and pathways using Omicsfold – Shameer Khader, Senior Director, AstraZeneca

Addressing Biology with Novel Spatial-Omics Technologies – Jessica Runyon, Head of Product Management, Canopy Biosciences

Webinar 3: Biomarkers, diagnostics, and personalised medicine

18th November 2021, 3pm GMT/ 4pm CET/ 10am EST

Discovering and developing drugs is an expensive process. Ensuring the likelihood of best results utilising molecular technologies is pivotal to enabling the next era of personalised medicine. This webinar will focus on how omics are influencing the discovery of novel biomarkers and the development of targeted therapies and companion diagnostics to develop better, more effective drugs.


Single-cell DNA sequencing to discover novel drugs targets in leukaemia – Jan Cools, Professor, KU Leuven

Applying Alzheimer’s Disease genetics findings towards drug discovery and patient selection – Michael Nagle, Senior Director, Head of Neurogenomics, Eisai US

Single-cell multiomics provide an unbiased, scalable approach to target identification and drug discovery - Stephen Hague, Senior Science and Technology Advisor, 10x Genomics

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