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Promises and pitfalls of precision medicine clinical trials, now and in the future.

About this event

This interactive panel discussion will give you a realistic view of the challenges and pitfalls of precision medicine clinical trials.


Maria Antonietta-Cerone, Precision Medicine Porfolio Manager, CRUK   

Alastair Greystoke, Clinical Senior Lecturer/ Hon Consultant, Newcastle University Hospital

Donald White, Precision Medicine Manager, CRUK

Gary Middleton, Professor, University of Birmingham

Pauline Rehal, Principal Clinical Scientist, West Midlands Regional Genetics Laboratory

Mark Ross, Senior Director, Illumina


Cancer will affect 1 in 2 people over the course of their lifetime, and as we move towards an ever more personalised health system, the need for personalised cancer treatments is growing. The FDA has strongly recommended integrating genomics into clinical trials, but it comes with an array of challenges from trial design, reporting and clinical decision making while waiting for results.

While integrating genomics into trials hold a lot of promises, there are pitfalls to avoid. Learn from lessons learned from large nationwide CRUK trials, with a focus on simplifying the process to get the most meaningful results.

This discussion covers the promises and pitfalls of running large-scale precision cancer trials.

Attendees will leave with:

  • An overview of the evaluation process for genomic testing technology: such as choosing between WGS or panel sequencing, and how to design the trial to get the most useful results.
  • An evaluation of the opportunities of integrating other omics into the trials, what this new layer of information will bring, and how to account for additional challenges
  • Insight into simplifying the results and clinician reporting process
  • An overview of navigating the UK trial space: involving the NHS and working under a single healthcare system.
  • Clinical considerations to take when patients deteriorate during the trial: e.g. when to use local test results.

The panel consists of an array of experts from across the trial process: from the trial organisers to oncologists, overcoming the challenges together to make cancer care personal.

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    Od T
    Ollie de Jong Front Line Genomics

  • Guest speaker
    Pauline Rehal Principal Clinical Scientist @ West Midlands Regional Genetics Laboratory

  • Guest speaker
    Donald White Precision Medicine Manager @ Cancer Research UK

  • Guest speaker
    Maria Cerone Research Program Manager @ Cancer Research UK

  • Guest speaker
    Gary Middleton University of Birmingham @ Professor of Medical Oncology

  • Guest speaker
    Alastair Greystoke Clinical Senior Lecturer/ Hon Consultant @ University of Newcastle

  • Guest speaker
    DG G
    Diana Georgi FLG

  • Guest speaker
    MR G
    Mark Ross Senior Director @ Illumina

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