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Energy price intervention policies in Europe

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Following the Russian invasion in Ukraine, gas – and via knock-on effects – electricity prices have been skyrocketing throughout Europe. While some energy companies are benefiting by making extraordinary “windfall profits”, energy consumers – both residential and business – are suffering severe economic and social consequences.

Policymakers on EU and national levels have been busy developing measures that aim to provide relief to consumers or to absorb “windfall profits” of energy companies, as well as developing measures that try to achieve both of those targets at once. Given the dynamics and complexity of those policy developments it's challenging to keep track of what is happening.

In this webinar we'll provide a structured overview of different types of measures, including what they intend to achieve, how they work, and how we assess them. Our Frontier country experts will run through the most relevant examples of measures that are being discussed or introduced on EU level and in selected European countries. Measures include the:

  • EU wholesale gas price cap plans (Matthias Janssen, Frontier Cologne office, Vikram Balachandar, Frontier Brussels office)
  • Electricity and gas price brake planned in Germany (David Bothe, Frontier Cologne office)
  • Electricity production revenue cap plans on EU level and in Germany, France, Ireland and in the UK (Matthias Janssen, Cologne office; Catherine Galano, Paris office; Hamish Forsyth, Dublin office; Callum Cheshire, London office)
  • “Iberian model” of limiting gas costs for gas-fired electricity producers (Pablo Gonzalez, Frontier Madrid office)

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  • Guest speaker
    VB G
    Vikram Balachandar Manager @ Frontier Economics Ltd

  • Guest speaker
    DM G
    David Munoz Consultant @ Frontier Economics

  • Guest speaker
    MJ G
    Matthias Janssen Associate Director @ Frontier Economics

  • Guest speaker
    CG G
    Catherine Galano Associate Director @ Frontier Economics Ltd

  • Guest speaker
    DB G
    David Bothe Director @ Frontier Economics

  • Guest speaker
    HF G
    Hamish Forsyth Director @ Frontier Economics

  • Guest speaker
    CC G
    Callum Cheshire Consultant @ Frontier Economics

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