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The role of certification in facilitating global trade in low-carbon hydrogen

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International trade will play an important part in meeting future global demand for low-carbon hydrogen and its derivatives, such as ammonia and methanol. Regions likely to be importers, such as Europe, will need to trust that the products they are getting meet agreed sustainability standards.

Certification could play an important role in underpinning that trust. Hydrogen certification schemes are emerging in Europe, but it will also be important for exporting countries to have visibility of the rules that will apply, to be able to plan the long-term investments that will be required.

In this webinar, we’ll explore the issues around low-carbon hydrogen certification from an EU and UK perspective.

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    Suki Ferris National Grid

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    Vikram Balachandar Manager @ Frontier Economics Ltd

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    Peter Biltoft-Jensen Orsted

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    Carlos Javier Lopez Tris Analyst @ Frontier Economics

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