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Data, Documents, and Connectivity - A Look at the Big Picture

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Digital transformation requires a shift in perspective, from a siloed approach to one where your entire organisation is connected by shared data, content, and IT systems. Modernisation and process optimisation in one domain does nothing to advance wider business goals if other departments are still using outdated processes.

When looking at the bigger picture, we believe there are two key steps to solving the problem. Firstly: improved document management – streamlined, efficient workflows and a powerful search functionality across all enterprise-wide content. Secondly: data integrity -with better data governance and data reuse, you can reduce rework and improve compliance.

Join Generis and fme for this webinar to learn how to bridge the gaps in communication and information access between departments. We’ll show you CARA’s powerful ‘where used’ feature, workflows, and the benefits of managing all enterprise information on single platform.

Our partners at fme will talk you through how you can strategically apply these insights through the implementation process.

The thought of a disruption to your company can be daunting, but with small, actionable steps, the process can be simple.

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