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A Practical Guide to Password Cracking

About this event

Intercede present James Westgate a world leading Ethical Password Cracking Expert, who will show practical methods and examples of how passwords have been hacked and compromised within recent data breaches.

Understand the real-world tools and techniques Bad Actors use to identify vulnerable accounts on your systems, and how these have directly led to costly security incidents.

Gain a better understanding of identifying weaknesses within your password infrastructure and how to strengthen your security position.

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    Karen Moulds

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    Philip Edge

  • Guest speaker
    James Westgate Ethical Password Cracker @ Intercede

    Ethical Hacker specialising in password cracking.

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    Eamonn Boyle Sales Manager @ Intercede

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    Mike Sullivan Sales Director, Americas @ Intercede

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    Won Jun Solutions Architect @ Intercede

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