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What is Enterprise Attestation, and do I need it?

About this event

As organizations look to improve their cybersecurity by deploying phishing resistant hardware-backed credentials, they are starting to consider WebAuthn / FIDO as a self-service alternative to PKI smart cards.

WebAuthn / FIDO was created in the consumer world where there is a demand to combine high security with user privacy. In the enterprise environment there is a greater need to know who is using which credential and integrate it with existing identity and access management (IDAM) infrastructure. Enterprise Attestation has been developed as a framework to provide identity assurance without compromising privacy within enterprise deployments.

The webinar will explore the benefits Enterprise Attestation could bring and discuss its potential impact from initial credential issuance, through usage and ongoing lifecycle management.

Key Takeaways

1. What is Enterprise Attestation?

2. What use cases does it address?

3. Considerations for using Enterprise Attestation enabled devices.

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    Allen Storey Chief Product Officer @ Intercede

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    David Maples Principal Solutions Architect @ Yubico

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    Karen Moulds

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    Cathy Bassiri Director, Partner Marketing @ Yubico

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