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Drafting contracts safely with generative AI: practical examples

About this event

Everyone’s talking about gen AI’s transformative effect in legal, but how can you use it responsibly when it comes to contracts? How can you take advantage of AI’s ability to power through routine work, whilst ensuring robust data privacy and firm guardrails that make sure legal’s always in charge?

In this live webinar, our expert panel covered:

  • Is gen AI a good fit for drafting contracts?
  • Addressing key concerns: privacy, regulation, limitations of AI
  • Practical examples in Juro’s NEW AI Assistant:
  • Summarise contracts with AI to pick out key risks and features
  • Review contracts with AI so they comply with your playbook
  • Draft with AI to modify clause language in moments

Watch the recording see the practical applications of generative AI for time-stretched legal teams, helping you to turn contracts around faster, without taking on new risks.

Our panel includes:

  • Richard Mabey, CEO, Juro
  • Laura Jeffords Greenberg, Interim GC at Worksome
  • Josephine Hanschke, Head of Customer Success, Juro
  • Michael Haynes, General Counsel, Juro
  • Lars Krooshof, Legal Counsel at Temper

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    LK G
    Lars Krooshof Jr Legal Counsel @ Temper

  • Guest speaker
    LJ G
    Laura Jeffords Geenberg Interim General Counsel @ Worksome

  • Guest speaker
    RM G
    Richard Mabey CEO @ Juro

  • Guest speaker
    JH G
    Josephine Hanschke Juro

  • Guest speaker
    MH G
    Michael Haynes General Counsel @ Juro


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