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Agile Task Management Made Simple - with MeisterTask

About this event

In this free live workshop you will learn how to set up Agile projects and successfully implement the Kanban system for software sprints, using the online task management tool MeisterTask. The workshop follows the five best practices of modern Agile project management as outlined in our free white paper “Staying Agile”. If you haven’t downloaded the white paper yet, you can do so now in preparation for the workshop:

This live workshop will cover all the basics of MeisterTask, as well as tips specific to the content of the white paper, including:

  • How to set up a collaborative Project Board that can be shared with clients and stakeholders

  • How to manage Agile projects, with Sections, Section Actions, and the ability to assign tasks and deadlines

  • How to welcome feedback from clients and stakeholders at every iteration, via task commenting features, ‘watching’ functions and integrations with your favorite chat tools

  • How to utilize integrations and features specific to software project management, including in-built time-tracking and integrations with Zendesk, Harvest and Freshdesk

  • How to quickly on-board all project team members, regardless of technical abilities.

This free live workshop will feature a walk-through of MeisterTask from our VP, Oliver Huebler, followed by a live question and answer session for any participants with queries. As a result, the session is perfect for anyone who is either new to the tool, or is an existing user looking to learn some new tips for managing successful Agile projects.

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