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Mind Mapping for Problem Solving and Decision Making

About this event

Unsure of your next steps? During this webinar, we'll learn how to make confident decisions and solve problems effectively using mind mapping. Come explore practical strategies to enhance decision-making, overcome challenges, and drive results in any field!

What we will cover:

  • What is Mind Mapping?
  • Why Mind Mapping?
  • Mind Mapping for Decision Making
  • Templates and Resources


Andrew Lapidus, Community Lead at Meister. Andrew has been a mind mapping enthusiast for a very long time. He thrives on visualizing ideas and concepts in a structured and creative manner.

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  • Team member
    Andrew Lapidus Community Lead @ Meister

    Customer Experience, Community, and Meister Tools. What more could one need? I grew up in the Pacific Northwest of the US, but since 2014 I've lived in the beautiful country of Austria. Always happy to chat about Meister tools, Customer Success, Community, CX, and bluegrass music!


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