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Healthy Hormones at Any Age!

About this event

Healthy Hormones at Any Age! Presented by Marita Schauch, ND.

Raging hormones, stress, and lack of sleep can have a negative effect on women, their relationships, and quality of life. Join Dr. Marita, the author of Making Sense of Women’s Health, as she shares her knowledge on everything from balancing hormones to boosting metabolism, taking the heat out of hot flashes, and more.

Learn about:

  • Naturally restoring hormone balance at any age
  • Fighting fatigue and coping with everyday stress
  • Why women get belly fat and how to get rid of it
  • Why hair, skin, and nails are key indicators of bone health

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    Natural Factors

    Natural Factors is a family-owned, fully integrated company. For more than 50 years, Natural Factors has been an industry leader in organic farming, sourcing and development of raw materials, research and development, and quality assurance.

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    Marita Schauch

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