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Dynamic Pricing Feature: Surge Pricing Demo - Automatically increase revenue with our new tool

About this event

We have an exciting new feature to share with you:

Preno can now automatically increase your prices to match demand

Events, conferences, or anything going on in your town can fill up your rooms quickly. Preno can now automatically adapt to these changes in real-time.

Sometimes, it can be random which days/weeks your hotel is running at 100% occupancy. With our new surge pricing, you can make sure you are generating the most revenue on the days when you are busy.

Our new surge pricing tool is monitoring your bookings 24/7, in real time. So there's no delay between your demand spiking and your prices adjusting

These webinars are strictly first-in-first-serve—so please select a time quickly. We want to make sure it's a small group of our customers in each session so that we can take the time and show you how to set this up in the best way for your property.

Please select from the dropdown list whichever time best suits you.


  • Does my plan already include Surge Pricing?
  • Yes. If you're a customer of Preno, then this product is included in your plan.
  • Can I setup Surge Pricing myself today?
  • Yes. Go to your rates area. But I recommend also attending one of our training sessions as there will be something valuable for you to learn in the session.
  • Are you adding anything else to Dynamic Pricing?
  • Yes. We have a whole suite of tools coming in the next few months. Join the webinar to find out.

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