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Paywall Optimization and Best Practices

About this event

If you’re working on a subscription app and not thinking about and experimenting with your paywall, you’re doing it wrong. While a great paywall isn’t going to magically make up for a sub-par product, optimizing your paywall and freemium strategy is key to building a great subscription business.

Jake and David will chat for a bit, then take questions from the audience.

Topics we’ll cover:

  • The best content to paywall
  • How to effectively test pricing
  • Paywall design best practices
  • Writing copy that sells
  • When to prioritize annual subscription plans over monthly plans
  • How to offer discounts to low-intent users
  • The best times to show your paywall

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  • Guest speaker
    Jake Mor Cofounder & CEO @ Superwall

    Jake is Cofounder and CEO at Superwall — an iOS SDK that enables you to remotely update and test every aspect of your paywall. Prior to founding Superwall, Jake created an app called FitnessAI and scaled it to over $2.5M in ARR.

  • Team member
    David Barnard Growth Advocate @ RevenueCat

    David has been working on apps since the very beginning, founding his company, Contrast, in 2008. After launching 20+ apps, and selling 3 of them, David now works as Growth Advocate at RevenueCat, helping developers build, analyze, and grow their subscription app businesses.


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