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The State of Subscription Apps 2024: Live Roundtable

About this event

Join our roundtable as we dive into the 2024 State of Subscription Apps report, featuring the most comprehensive dataset on subscription app performance globally.

RevenueCats' Jacob and David, along with guest Phil Carter, will guide you through the report’s findings. They'll not only explore what has changed since the 2023 report but also introduce new data points not previously covered. While they may not have all the answers, they promise to spark thoughtful discussions (and give you plenty to think about).

Though not every detail will be discussed (that's what the full report is for!), we'll focus on the highlights. We encourage you to review the report beforehand and come prepared with questions for our Q&A session at the end.

Key areas for discussion:

  • Pricing & packaging: How have price points evolved year-on-year? Should apps be increasing prices in 2024?
  • Conversion: Trial conversion performance is dropping — what could be the cause? Should apps be spending more time on improving conversion rates vs. acquisition?
  • Monetization: Realized LTV is up but are Apple Search Ads less effective? Are US Google Play downloads worth more than App Store downloads from the rest of the world?
  • Retention: Apps are retaining users worse than before — is this a reflection of a change in consumer sentiment? How should apps respond?
  • Growth rate: For many new apps, reaching the first $1k in monthly revenue is the biggest challenge. How are the top new apps growing so quickly?
  • Expert predictions: What do we and our guest experts predict 2024 will look like for subscription apps? From the impact of AI to why retention will be a key area of focus.

About the speakers

  • Jacob Eiting is co-founder and CEO of RevenueCat
  • David Barnard is growth advocate at RevenueCat
  • Phil Carter is a growth advisor and angel investor. He’s spent the past decade as a VC and product leader at companies like Faire, Quizlet, and Ibotta

Recommended resources:

Our guest expert contributors in this year’s report provided their predictions for the year ahead. In this blog, read their predictions in full

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Phil Carter Founder and CEO @ Elemental Growth

    Phil is the Founder and CEO of Elemental Growth, an advising consultancy focused on helping app businesses unlock their potential.

  • Team member
    David Barnard Growth Advocate @ RevenueCat

    David has been working on apps since the very beginning, founding his company, Contrast, in 2008. After launching 20+ apps, and selling 3 of them, David now works as Growth Advocate at RevenueCat, helping developers build, analyze, and grow their subscription app businesses.

  • Guest speaker
    Jacob Eiting CEO @ RevenueCat

    After adding subscriptions to the Elevate app, Jacob founded RevenueCat so that other developers didn’t have to go through that same pain just to monetize their app.


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