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If you’re working on any sort of subscription app, announcements at WWDC will likely impact your summer plans. Whether it's an exciting new API or a new policy, Apple has pitched many a curve ball at their annual developer conference over the years. We’ll focus on subscription and App Store-related changes, but also try to give a nice overview of anything that might have you scrambling before iOS 16 is released this fall.

Topics we’ll cover:

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  • SHHHH!

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Hosted by

  • Team member
    David Barnard Growth Advocate @ RevenueCat

    David has been working on apps since the very beginning, founding his company, Contrast, in 2008. After launching 20+ apps, and selling 3 of them, David now works as Growth Advocate at RevenueCat, helping developers build, analyze, and grow their subscription app businesses.

  • Guest speaker
    Josh Holtz Senior Software Engineer @ RevenueCat

    Josh works on SDKs and cross-platform subscriptions at RevenueCat and is the lead maintainer of fastlane (an open source mobile automation platform). He has a passion for solving weird problem and building developer tools. In the past few years he’s been more active in the indie developer community starting “Indie Dev Monday” (a weekly newsletter) and releasing apps such as “ConnectKit”, “An Otter RSS”, “Oh Crop”, and “What My Age Again?“.

  • Guest speaker
    Guest Tbd

    Depending on what Apple announces at WWDC, we’ll invite an expert to join the panel.


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