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Allergens in food: Regulatory landscape, allergen management and analytical challenges

About this event

Food allergy is a growing global public health concern. Generally, the prevalence of allergic reaction to foods has been traditionally perceived as being rare in Africa.

With the initiation of the Africa continental free trade area (AfTCA) and the varied regulatory landscape in the region, a comprehensive understanding about the food allergy regulations and the analytical methods used to detect and quantify allergens in food is now critical for food manufacturers and other stakeholders in Africa.

The accurate quantification of proteins in complex and diverse matrices is a uniquely difficult analytical challenge - one that has been compared to finding a needle in a haystack of needles. This difficulty arises from the biological complexity of allergenic species and those comprising the matrix, the diversity in food matrices, interfering components and processing conditions to which the analytes are often subjected. In some cases, it can even be difficult to agree on what the analyte is.

These factors, and how they interact with changing and incomplete clinical and regulatory landscapes can lead to major misinterpretations in results if inappropriate analytical methods are used. Advances and limitations in current food allergen detection methods, analytical result interpretation and their relevance to risk management will be discussed in this AOAC-SSA webinar.

Proposed Programme

  • Allergens in Food - a Global Perspective (Prof. Samuel Godefroy, University Laval)
  • The Food Allergen Regulatory Landscape In Sub-Saharan Africa (Limbikani Matumba, Lilongwe University of Agriculture & Natural Resources)
  • How to Detect a Food Allergen (Dr Karim Dhanani, Facts)
  • Food allergen risk management: a retailers perspective (Karin Carstensen, Woolworths)
  • Panel Discussion (all speakers)


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  • Guest speaker
    DM G
    Dr Limbikani Matumba ‎Researcher- Food Analysis & Safety @ ‎Lilongwe Univ. of Agric. & Natural Resources, NRC Campus (Food Technology & Nutrition Group)

  • Guest speaker
    Dr Karim Dhanani Lead Scientific Officer @ Food and Allergy Consulting and Testing Services

    Dr Karim Dhanani is a biochemist involved in assay development and validation for the food and related industries. His scientific research places him in the forefront of allergen detection developments.

  • Guest speaker
    Samuel Godefroy Full Professor of Food Risk Analysis and Regulatory Policies @ Department of Food Science, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Université Laval

    Samuel is currently leading the development of a Food Risk Analysis and Regulatory Excellence Platform (FRAREP), hosted by the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF) of Université Laval.

  • Guest speaker
    Karin Carstensen Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Manager @ Woolworths Foods South Africa

    Karin has been with Woolworths South Africa for 30 years. She has a BSc with Chemistry and Food Science from Stellenbosch University. As Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Manager, she is responsible for legal compliance of products in their foods area, policy and guidelines development and management, handling and managing issues and crisis management and training of staff