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Food Fraud & Food Authenticity: how to detect and manage in the supply chain

About this event

We are pleased to invite you to the AOAC Sub-Saharan Africa Webinar on Food Fraud & Food Authenticity: how to detect and manage in the supply chain.

Food fraud occurs when food are deliberately diluted, mislabelled or misrepresented, tampered with or substituted with another product. This is becoming an epidemic in African urban life. It is a $50 billion annual industry, according to Michigan State University’s Food Fraud Initiative – and you’re probably eating some of the evidence! Most of us are still under the impression that our food is sacrosanct and that we would immediately be able to detect any ingredient or product that is not the ‘real thing’. The Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC) has estimated that up to 7% of global trade consists of counterfeit goods

Why should you attend our webinar?

  • To gain an understanding of the definitions associated with food fraud such as adulteration and authenticity
  • To find out more about the responsibilities for food authenticity and food safety
  • To understand the responsibilities of food fraud for the food industry
  • To appreciate the increase in consumer awareness of food fraud
  • To gain an understanding of the food products most at risk of food fraud
  • To find out more about the methods for detecting the unknown

Join us as we navigate the challenges and implications of food fraud and food authenticity within the supply chain.

Our programme lineup includes:

  • 15h00 - Welcome & Introduction (Dr Owen Fraser, President of AOAC SSA and Scientist at Nestlé)
  • 15h10 - Global Perspective on Food Fraud & Food Authenticity (Prof. Sam Godefroy, University Laval)
  • 15h25 - Food Authenticity and management within Africa (Dr Wynand Louw, Afrimets)
  • 15h35 - The Regulatory & consumer point of view as it relates to Food Fraud (Ms. Gabrielle Jackson, FACTS)
  • 15h45 - Targeted and Non-Targeted Analytical Approaches for Authenticity Testing and for Identification of Food Fraud (Narendra Meruva, Director, Americas Field Marketing, Food & Environmental Markets, Waters)
  • 16h00 - Round-table discussion (all speakers)
  • 16h30 - Close of event

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We look forward to meeting you online!


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  • Guest speaker
    Naren Meruva Director, Americas Field Marketing Food & Environmental Markets @ Waters

    He has 17 years of industry experience as a Principal Scientist and a Global Marketing professional in separation science technologies including LC, GC and Mass Spectrometry applied to analysis of food, dietary supplements, natural products, tobacco and cannabis.

  • Guest speaker
    Owen Fraser, PhD Nestlé Research

    Owen is the President of the Sub-Saharan Africa Section of the AOAC INTERNATIONAL. He also works as a Scientist at the Nestlé Institute of Food Safety and Analytical Sciences, Nestlé Research in Lausanne, Switzerland.

  • Guest speaker
    Samuel Godefroy Full Professor of Food Risk Analysis and Regulatory Policies @ Department of Food Science, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Université Laval

    Samuel is currently leading the development of a Food Risk Analysis and Regulatory Excellence Platform (FRAREP), hosted by the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF) of Université Laval.

  • Guest speaker
    Dr. Joe Boison Canadian Food Inspection Agency

  • Guest speaker
    Gabrielle Jackson Dietitian @ Facts SA

    Gabrielle is a registered dietitian At FACTS she assists with nutrition, health and food labelling projects and providing regulatory talks and training.

  • Guest speaker
    Dr Wynand Louw Afrimets