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Mycotoxins in food and feed

About this event

Mycotoxins are naturally occurring toxins that affect numerous foodstuffs. Mycotoxins in food and feed are a major safety issue and are responsible for a number of major food safety crises in Africa. Several strategies used to mitigate the contamination of mycotoxins in food and feed are well established and include setting risk-based regulatory limits, implementing best practices in farming and post-harvest management of agricultural produce for both human and animal consumption, advance science and technology application, and the adoption of the farm-to-fork risk management approach. Underpinning all mitigation strategies is the need for reliable sampling and testing procedures to accurately and reliably quantify mycotoxins in food.

Sampling and testing for mycotoxins in food and feed is complex and causes many challenges when quantifying these mycotoxins. The main factors are due to the uneven distribution of mycotoxins within the food matrix, their compositional and structural diversity, as well as low limits of detection and quantification required (for regulatory compliance).

In this webinar, AOAC-SSA has put together a panel of international experts in the subject matter. The experts will provide information that will help food industry operators and regulators obtain a deeper understanding of the occurrence of mycotoxins in foods in Africa. They will also provide information that will help testing laboratories to choose fit-for-purpose analytical methods and how to develop analytical best practices to obtain accurate and reliable results for mycotoxins in food and feed.

  • Webinar introduction & overview (Prof. Mulunda Mwanza, North-West University, South Africa)
  • Mycotoxins and food safety - a regional perspective (Dr Amare Ayalew, African Union)
  • Challenges and best practices in mycotoxin testing (Dr Liberty Sibanda, Randox Laboratories)
  • QualiT TM Tool Box for the Mycotoxin laboratory (Carrie Maune, Trilogy Inc.)
  • Metrology and mycotoxins: Why it matters… (Dr Maria Fernandes-Whaley, National Metrology Institute of South Africa (NMISA))

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The AOAC Sub-Saharan Africa Section

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  • Guest speaker
    Jayne De Vos National Metrology Institute of South Africa

    Jayne joined NMISA in 2002 and has since supported South Africa’s need for a sustainable quality infrastructure through the activities of the institute and the regional metrology organisation, AFRIMETS. She is the treasurer of the AOAC SSA Section.

  • Guest speaker
    Dr Amare Ayalew Programme Manager @ PACA

    Dr Amare has researched the occurrence, epidemiology, and management of aflatoxins and other mycotoxins as well as plant health for over 20 years.

  • Guest speaker
    Prof. Mulunda Mwanza Head of Department in Animal Health Mafikeng Campus, and Clinician Veterinary Clinician and Surgeon @ North West University

    His area of research interest related to Mycotoxins and Immune System, Combined Effect of Mycotoxins and their Cytotoxicity, Epidemiology of Animal Diseases and Zoonosis.

  • Guest speaker
    Liberty Sibanda Applications Manager @ Randox Laboratories Ltd

    Liberty holds a PhD from Ghent University on Development of Accelerated platforms for mycotoxin detection. At Randox he is responsible for managing product applications on the market as well as coordinating collaborative validations and certifications with third parties.

  • Guest speaker
    Maria Fernandes-Whaley National Metrology Institute of South Africa

    Dr Fernandes-Whaley represents South Africa on the International Consultative Committee for Quantity of Material – Organic Analysis Working Group, and is a member of the SABS Technical Committee for Reference Materials and SANAS Food Specialist Technical Committee.

  • Guest speaker
    Carrie Maune Vice President @ Trilogy Analytical Laboratory

    Carrie was one of the founders of Trilogy Lab, serving as President from 1999 through 2010. Currently, she serves as Vice President and is involved with ISO Quality Systems, Reference and Quality Control Materials, and day to day operations.