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SAVF - Dealing with clients AND keeping your cool!

About this event

Dealing with clients AND keeping your cool!

You and your reception and support teams are hereby invited to join us for a webinar on "Dealing with clients AND keeping your cool" brought to you by The South African Veterinary Foundation.

We’ve all had that client: the entitled client, the hard-up client, and the makes-you-red-faced-to-hear-his-name client. Wondering how to keep your cool and deal with this client on even your worst of days, not allowing them to disrupt your staff? Join our webinar on 17 October 2020 from 14:00pm - 16:00pm.


  • Introduction to The South African Veterinary Foundation
  • Getting the client on your side - Dr Pyatt
  • Making the connection - Dr Quixi Sonntag & Dr Kate May
  • This talk will focus on the importance of making a connection with a client in order for them to trust you (as a vet) and act on your recommendations.
  • Vetprotect and ITOO
  • Should we fire this client – dealing with difficult clients - Dr Joubert Viljoen
  • This talk will focus on clients who complain (who may be some of the most valuable clients you can have and therefore should not be viewed in a negative light), and at the extreme are completely irrational and where the vet actually needs to take a stance and “fire the client” for the sake of their own sanity.

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  • Guest speaker
    Joubert Viljoen CEO @ The Code Co

    Dr Viljoen is the chief servant, supporter and fan of the teams in his four veterinary practices, IT and E-commerce businesses, and VetProtect. Dr Viljoen has served on the Board of Directors of the South African Veterinary Foundation for 15 years, and chaired the organisation for 8 years.

  • Guest speaker
    Didi Claassen Chairperson @ SAVF

    Didi is currently the Chairperson of the SAVF. She is a specialist veterinary pathologist and has a special interest in rabies control.

  • Guest speaker
    Katie May Senior lecturer & Director of the Clinical Skills Laboratory @ Faculty of Veterinary Science

    She is passionate about student learning and how to teach more effectively and has become very involved in the Veterinary Professional Life modules where she teaches wellness and communication.

  • Guest speaker
    Dr Alison Pyatt PhD, BSc (Hons), PGCE, PgD, SFHEA

    Dr Pyatt is a Principal Lecturer in Veterinary Services at Hartpury University and Harper Adams University. She delivers professional practice, client communication, and interdisciplinary skills-based training to animal health professionals and veterinarians.

  • Guest speaker
    Quixi Sonntag

    She is passionate about developing OP students to their full potential so that they can cope with the realities of work life. Her clinical interest, which is currently on hold, is veterinary behaviour medicine, and her research interests involve community engagement and animal welfare.

  • Guest speaker
    Leonie Delgado Vetprotect & ITOO

    Leonie has been in the short-term insurance industry for the past 28 years focusing on marketing and sales. Since 2007 she has been the exclusive broker on the VetProtect product.