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Presentation of the first Open call of the SecurIT Project

About this event

The 1st Open Call of the SecurIT project will start on January 25th and will remain open until April 26th.

On Feburary 17th, take part to our full day information and matchmaking, organised by Secur-IT team:

  • Presentation of the SecurIT project and the Open Call by our speakers, Adeline Gleizal of Safe Cluster and Urszula Sobek of Funding Box–open to everyone >> 10:30 to 12:00
  • Brokerage event with individual sessions for identification of partners in >>> 13:30 to 18:00 (Registration)

About SecurIT Open Call:

SecurIT will select up to 21 projects aiming to develop new prototypes or demonstrators in the security and cybersecurity domain with financial and mentoring support from SecurIT consortium. Projects should be submitted by consortia of at least 2 SMEs (preferably from different member states of the EU).

SecurIT is offering 2 Types of Instruments:

● Prototyping Instrument: for development of prototyping solutions for end-users or/and cybersecurity integrators at MVP stage at least. Under this instrument SecurIT will support you in translating your feasibility plan into a prototype,

● Demonstration Instrument: for new solutions in cybersecurity and digital applications applying to security solutions ready to piloting at large scale in the short-term. Under this instrument SecurIT will support the piloting and validation of your solution in the relevant environment.

Selected consortia will enter a 12-months Support Programme and receive:

● Up to € 74.000 per 1 prototype project (maximum € 60.000 per SME),

● Up to € 88.000 per 1 demonstration project (maximum € 60.000 per SME).

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    Adeline Gleizal

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    Urszula Sobek

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