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Wild Financing Info - How to finance your training at Wild Code School? 🇬🇧

About this event

You'd like to learn an exciting IT career but don't know yet what financing options are available?

Join Wild Code School in an ‘Ask Me Anything’ style event to learn all you need to know about financing options available to join our trainings!

👩‍💻 Wild Code School offers 5-month training programs for the highest-demand tech jobs on the market: web developer, data analyst, product manager...

🔎 Agenda

We'll cover the different financing options available according to your situations, whether you're in Spain, Germany or Portugal, including :

  • Early Birds & instalments
  • Self-financing
  • 0% interest partnership (Fundación Universia)
  • Lending-as-a-service (Quotanda)
  • Banking partnerships (Sabadell)
  • Income shared agreement (Student Finance, CHANCEN eG, Fundação José Neves)
  • Public financing (Bildungsgutschein)

⚠️ Pre-requisites

Registration is mandatory to access our online event.

👨‍💻 Access to the Live Video Session

Join the Live video session by:

  • Registering, we will send you an e-mail that will allow you to access it on the D-day!
  • Using headphones & a microphone

📅 Next session

  • February the 28th, 2022

🚀 Let's meet at 12pm CEST 🚀

In the meantime, you can already discover the testimonies of our students and alumni who took the plunge and changed their lives: https://www.wildcodeschool.com/en-GB/blog/category/wilders-community

Looking forward to meet you!

Wild Code School Team

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